Trinifly Promotions Ultimate Caribbean Fun Day at Six Flags – Substance or Hype?

Trinifly Promotions Ultimate Caribbean Fun Day at Six Flags – Substance or Hype?
Grace Vanriel
Reggae Reflection Correspondent
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On Saturday August 13, 2011, The Reggae Reflection crew was dispatched to Jackson, New Jersey to cover the Trinifly Promotions produced concert for the very first time.  I can tell you right here and now that next year I’ll be making every effort to get out of the assignment billed as the “Six Flags Caribbean Summer Series Concert: The Ultimate Caribbean Fun Day” and you’ll soon understand why.  

For weeks preceding the event, fliers and posters for the concert had been popping up all over New York with the associated tag line “GO BIG” and so, the event was definitely on my radar. However, despite all the publicity and multiple postings on my personal facebook page, I still hadn’t been fully convinced to purchase a ticket requiring traveling all the way to NJ from NY for a concert with artists well loved and respected but who I knew could be caught locally and with less effort; call me pessimistic but I couldn’t help wondering if all the advertising hoopla associated with the concert boiled down to media hype at its best for the express purpose of selling more tickets.  When our executive producer announced sending a crew and called on me to cover the concert I politely asked for a few days to “confirm”, the code word for “I’ll think about it” minus the impertinence of just saying no. I eventually said yes for the opportunity to interview the legendary Beres Hammond, a notion our producer skillfully baited me with several times during our next conversation…who could resist?  So, I’m finally at Six Flags and as it turns out The Ultimate Caribbean Fun Day was packed, well organized and everywhere you looked men, women and children were genuinely having fun visible through smiling faces, singing along with the artists and spontaneous dancing in every corner of the jam packed arena. By the time Beres Hammond hit the stage, along with everyone else I’d been properly pumped up and expertly entertained by all the opening acts. The Six Flags Caribbean Summer Series Concert” was indeed one of the biggest and exciting concerts of the summer with one of the most energized audiences I’ve ever encountered at a concert. You just had to be at Six Flags to understand exactly what I mean. 

Fans out in full force and having fun @ The Six Flags Caribbean  Series Concert  to see  Anthony B, Wayne Wonder and Beres Hammond

The TriniFly Promotions team receives high marks for organizing a truly fun-filled event, and for making the concert affordable for everyone while providing ticket purchasers with true value for their dollar. It’s no secret that Reggae concert ticket prices in the NY-tri state area border astronomical prices for events maybe lasting only a few hours. Comparatively, early bird tickets to the “Six Flags Caribbean Summer Series Concert” went for as little as $45 and included entrance to the Six Flags Theme Park with access to all the rides and attractions and of course to the concert itself. And, if you were fortunate enough to purchase one of the limited VIP tickets going for $100 then you definitely got your money’s worth and then some with loads of meaningful perks including express entry, a meet and greet with the artists (including opportunities for photographs and autographs), a delicious complimentary dinner with drinks, a gift bag loaded with great stuff and up-front access to the stage. Whatever ticket you held, you had twelve-hours to fully enjoy the day topped off by a great concert with celebrity artists. It doesn’t get any better than that! The only artist billed but unable to attend due to an unfortunate knee injury was one of my very favorite artists Kymani Marley. Nonetheless, super-star Beres Hammond, Wayne Wonder and Anthony B all gave exciting high-energy performances with Beres singing what seemed like all his greatest hits.  

Anthony B

Wayne Wonder

Beres Hammond


Chocolate City model

In-between acts the Chocolate City crew previewed incredibly colorful and sexy carnival themed costumes “A Journey Through India” that we’ll next see on Eastern Parkway at the upcoming Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY. The concert was hosted, by DJ Jabba, radio show host for Hot 97 and Irie Jam Radio who did an incredible job getting the audience pumped up and interacting with each other and interested in whatever was happening on the stage. Unfortunately, I lost my notes enroute to the next concert we were covering and don’t remember their names but still need to let readers know that the DJ’s spinning the music in-between acts were super-incredible too.

At this point you must surely realize that the Trinifly Promotions “Six Flags Caribbean Summer Series Concert: The Ultimate Caribbean Fun Day” was pure substance and fun for people of all ages! My reason for plotting to get out of next year’s coverage has little to do with anything other than wanting to attend as a ticket holder. Next year I’ll be spreading the word to all my facebook friends and Reggae group members on so that we can all spend the day roaming the park, enjoying the rides and taking in another great concert. My advice to readers is simple. Purchase your tickets the minute they become available as I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that every single person who attended this years’s event enjoyed themselves so very much that they’ll be returning.

Reggae Reflection Correspondent Grace Vanriel is a long-time Reggae music fan and the organizer for leading Reggae social networks in the NYC area on including: Live Reggae NYC, NYC Roots Reggae, Dancehall and Reggae Alliance and Reggae Rocks. She is also one of the Executive Producers of the successful Reggaeholics Movement themed concerts, shows and parties. Follow her on Live Reggae NYC on facebook at:  or on the Reggaeholics page at:

See below for Video  Interview with Beres Hammond and live performance highlights from Beres Hammond, Anthony B and Wayne Wonder as well as all photos of the event. 

Six Flags Video Highlights and Interview with Beres Hammond

Six Flags Best of Reggae Summer Concert Series Photos

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