Sister Carol ‘Live No Evil” Album Release Party 1/18 NYC

Sister Carol ‘Live No Evil’ Album Release Party 1/18 NYC  

 Report by Grace Vanriel, Sr. Correspondent for Reggae Reflection 
 Photos by MyFlash Photography   Feature by Empress K  – Editor at Reggae Reflection 


We attended Sister Carol’s jam packed NY launch party for “Live No Evil”.   Greatly inspired, we purchased a copy of the new album. The powerful messages coupled with strong penetrating rhythms in a traditional style make it a must listen to for true Roots & Culture fans. Fans craving “fresh” approaches to the production of traditional Reggae will also be greatly satisfied. 

While highly recognized and respected as a top-notch DeeJay not unlike critics of Bob Marley’s actual singing ability, The Black Cinderella is no crooner. However in the same token, all the greatest and most enduring Reggae music rest eternally in powerful lyrics and the emotional delivery behind it. Albums like “Fear No Evil” transcends the individual singer and effortlessly filters through a powerful message that touches, motivates and positively impacts the thinking of listeners.

Photos by MyFlash Photography

Reggae Reflection Sr Correspondent Grace Vanriel is a long-time Reggae music fan and the organizer for leading Reggae social networks in the NYC area on including: Live Reggae NYC, NYC Roots Reggae, Dancehall and Reggae Alliance and Reggae Rocks. She is also one of the Executive Producers of the successful Reggaeholics Movement themed concerts, shows and parties. Follow her on Live Reggae NYC on facebook at:   or on the Reggaeholics page at:

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