Reggae at the 55th Grammys boosts sales of Bob Marley and the Wailers song Could you be Loved and spikes social media stats

Reggae at the 55th Grammys boost sales of Bob Marley and the Wailers song Could you be Loved and spikes social media stats
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The 55th annual Grammy Awards Presentation took place on Sunday, 2/11/13. For the first time in a long time, I decided to watch the Grammy’s live.  Of course this was largely due to my interest  in finally seeing a Reggae Performance at the Grammys.  

While doing some post Grammy research, I  discovered some interesting articles from Forbes Magazine, and the Next Big Sound  that provided statistics on post event music sales and the social media sites’ reactions related to the Grammys. This inspired me to take a closer look at the numbers as they pertain to Reggae at the Grammys.  

Could you be Loved performance at the Grammys by Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley, Bruno Mars, Sting, and Rihanna


Photo Credit Photo: Robert Hanashiro, (USA TODAY)

From a music sales increase perspective, Reggae was one of the winners.  The Forbes article reported via information obtained from 7Digital that Bob Marley and the Wailers Could You Be Loved  performed by Bob Marley’s sons Ziggy Marley and  Damian Marley along with Bruno Mars, Sting, and Rihanna was one of the biggest gainers of the evening with a 367% increases in sales.  Could you be Loved was only second to the Mumford and Sons song I will wait (394%) . Mumford and Sons won Album of the year for Babel.

According to a recent blog on the Grammys by Next Big Sound,  a company that measures and shares trends and insights gleaned from artists and fan behavior on social media websites, Grammy nominees  typically have an average increase of more than 350% on Wikipedia page views and close to 120% in new Twitter followers the day after the ceremony. Grammy winners have an average increase in excess of 1500% on Wikipedia versus around 175% for those who did not win. 

 It would certainly be interesting to see some statistics on how many more viewers tuned in because of the advertised Bob Marley Tribute.  Since I couldn’t find that exact measurement,  I looked into the other social media site statistics.  According to the same Next Big Sound blog, Bruno Mars saw the largest increase ever in social media spikes, even though his new album Unorthodox Jukebox was not nominated for a Grammy as it was released after the eligible period. On just twitter alone, he added over 100,000 followers in the two days following the Grammys, a 40 percent increase over the previous two days. 

Taking a closer look at data from the Next Big Sound for metrics from the last 7 day period (Feb 7 – Feb 13) for all the artists participating in the Bob Marley Tribute,  the increase in percentage gained from the previous period was especially significant for Ziggy, Sting, and Damian Marley.  Twitter followers increased by 635%, 482%,  and 312% respectively over the previous 7 day period.  Bruno Mars had a 34% increase  and Rihanna a 44% increase over same timeframe.  If the numbers could increase by that much for just that very short reggae performance, imagine what a full reggae feature at future Grammys’ shows could do?  Reggae fans will certainly agree that the Recording Academy should take note and feature more Reggae Artists on the Grammy Awards live show. 

Damian and Ziggy Marley social stats post Grammy


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Bruno Mars and Sting social stats post Grammy


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Watch Could You Be Loved Performance at the Grammys

Best Reggae Album goes to Jimmy Cliff 


Jimmy Cliff @ Montreal Reggae Fest 8/12

Jimmy Cliff who received his 2nd Grammy with a win in the category of Best Reggae Album for his album Rebirth also saw an increase in Facebook likes with an 86 percent increase in likes (accurate twitter data was not available) for the same period, despite the fact that the  Reggae Category is announced in a pre-Grammy show segment that is not broadcast. What will please Reggae fans even more is is to include the category in the televised segment.  Jimmy Cliff  shared that sentiment in an interview with CBS a few days before the Grammys.   “It’s a nice thing to be nominated for a Grammy,” Cliff told “However, I do think that people ought to see me on TV, accepting the Grammy. Not the way it is being done at the moment for a Reggae Grammy where you just hear about it. It’s about time they show me on TV.”   See the full CBS interview with Jimmy Cliff here:

Jimmy Cliff previously won a Grammy Award in 1986 for his album Cliffhanger.   Jimmy Cliff has recently received positive publicity with his remake of  the Partridge Family song  Come on Get Happy for the popular VW ad campaign Get In Get Happy that aired during the Superbowl.  Watch here:

See who won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album in past years–

Rihanna and Jimmy Cliff social media site stats post Grammys



Tweeting at the #GRAMMYs

Not only did I watch the Grammys live this year, I decided to update facebook and twitter while watching the show.  I was far from alone.  According to Twitter  there were over 14 million tweets about the Grammys.  Reading the tweets during the Grammys was almost as fun as watching the show.  Host LL Cool J reminded the tv audience at home to tweet their reactions live to him @llcoolj and to use the hashtag #GRAMMYs.    What were your favorite Grammy moments?   Tweet me @1empressk  !  

Twitter reports: The on-stage performances that generated the most buzz were:

-Rihanna’s solo performance of “Stay” 
Bob Marley tribute (featuring Sting, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Ziggy Marley)
-Carrie Underwood performs “Blown Away”
-Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys collaboration
-Justin Timberlake performs with Jay-Z

A few noteworthy Tweets post Grammys

RT if you can’t get enough of this #BobMarley tribute! We don’t want it to end #GRAMMYs


Alicia Keys ‏@aliciakeys
Loved seeing @Rihanna @Sting @BrunoMars @damianmarley and@ziggymarley work it on stage tonight!!! This room was on fire!!!!#GRAMMYs

 Retweeted by Damian Marley


Bruno Mars ‏@BrunoMars
To Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley, Sting and Rihanna Thank you for giving the band and I a night we’ll never forget.


I am grateful for the acknowledgment of my work that they present me with this Grammy award! I am also grateful… 

 Retweeted by Ziggy Marley

Reggae Sumfest ‏@ReggaeSumfest
How awesome was this? Bob Marley’s face all over the stage!#Grammys #bobmarley #reggae #music #repost 


.@LLCoolJ And @MrChuckD Close The Grammys With High-Energy Performance  #VIDEO

 Retweeted by LL COOL J

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