Reggae Artists Unite at 9Mile Music Festival 2015 in Miami – Photos and Story 

Reggae Artists Unite at 9Mile Music Festival 2015 in Miami 

Photos and Story by Empress K for

Damian Marley Stephen Marley Julian Marley MiamiJulian, Damian, and Stephen Marley

Cool yet sunny skies made for a beautiful start to the 22nd 9Mile Music Festival taking place at the Miami Dade County Fairgrounds on Saturday, February 14th. The annual festival featured a great mixture of conscious Reggae Artists all sharing the same positive message of peace, love and unity.   Tanya Stephens playing a mid afternoon set gave a powerful performance while acknowledging and encouraging the ladies in the audience.  Additional strong performances followed  with sets by Hawaiian Reggae Band, The Green; Rasta Elder, Iqulah Rastafari; Jamaican DJ, Capleton;  and American Reggae / Rock band, Soja.  After a final band change,  Jo Mersa Marley opened the final set for the evening.    

Jesse Royal and Jo Mersa Jesse Royal and Jo Mersa Marley

In a brilliant move, Jo Mersa introduced Jesse Royal to the stage while Jesse’s band The King Suns seamlessly replaced Stephen Marley’s band to temporarily back the singers on Jesse’s hit song Modern Day Judas.   Next up Julian Marley, Stephen Marley, and Damian Marley performed numerous song selections and collaborations.    Stephen Marley welcomed surprise guests Spragga Benz and Determine  on stage during the set, followed by Capleton joining for a great live rendition of their Rockstone collaboration.

Artist collaborations were definitely a common theme for the day as many of earlier sets also featured superb joint efforts including Soja with Damian Marley,  Soja with J Boog,  and Soja with The Green. It was wonderful to see the mutual respect this diverse group of artists had for one another, further conveying the message of one love and unity to festival attendees. 

Enjoy our photos from the festival below.   A full slide show of all photos appears below as well.  Also, make sure to check out more of our photos in Issue 8 of Island Stage Magazine.    Click here

Reggae Reflection 9Mile Music Festival Photo Gallery 
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Tanya Stephens 9 Mile Music Festival

Tanya Stephens

Capleton 9 Mile Music Festival


Iqulah Rastafari

Iqulah Rastafari

The Green

Julian Marley

Julian Marley

Stephen Marley

Stephen Marley


Damian Marley and son Elijah

Next Generation Marley taking over!

Damian Marley Miami

Damian Marley

Scenes from the 9Mile Music Festival

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