Pure Wickedness: 6th Annual Female Selectors UNCONDITIONAL NYC Takeova 2015!

By Grace Vanriel – Live Reggae NYC

Pure Wickedness: 6th Annual Female Selectors UNCONDITIONAL NYC Takeova 2015!

Reggaeholics Unconditional Take Ova

For the 6th year in a row during Woman’s History Month the producers at Reggaeholics.com are hosting their not to be missed event Female Selectors “UNCONDITIONAL” NYC Takeova! In 2015 the event takes place on Thursday, March 19th at the beautiful Lox Lounge 15 Putnam Avenue in Clinton Hills Brooklyn, NY 11238. 

The fact that there is still a critical need for an event featuring women DJ’s is testament to the fact that mainstream venues, festivals, producers, promoters and radio stations all continue to be lax or more candidly, negligent in hiring and paying well-qualified women at rates on par to their male counterparts. Why is that the case 43-years after the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment banning discrimination based on sex in the US? To say the least this ridiculous attitude that women are less qualified or deserving is frustrating. 

The Female Selectors UNCONDITIONAL NYC Takeova promoters from The Reggaeholics Movement are committed to dispelling these types of myths and keeping talented selectors (male or female) in the spotlight. The Takeova features a culturally diverse and utterly wicked lineup of DJ’s that in 2015 includes: Zion Rose, DJ Lucha, Lioness Chen, Queen Mecca and Sweet V who are all fierce music warriors expert at spinning excellent music you’ll get up and rock to tune-after-tune.  

Let’s be honest…men aren’t born endowed with a “superior” music gene and don’t necessarily know more about music or using DJ equipment than do women! Over the past decade female selectors have increasingly been drawn into the Reggae circle and proving “I can do that and better too”.  During the Takeova you’ll sample everything from Reggae to conscious Dancehall with added ingredients for those with a taste for conscious 90’s Hip-Hop, Afro/Latin beat and World Music all from the selectors deep collections and delivered with a no holds barred approach. 

Top Female Selectas Take Ova!

Drop what you’re doing and make it a point of stopping by this lively Woman’s History Month event on Thursday March 19th for a solid music experience and to support great female selectors! Doors open at 9 PM and you’ll also enjoy the adult Lox Lounge mingling experience enhanced by excellent happy hour drink specials (extended until midnight) and tasty food selections from the chef’s menu starting at only $5. Of course the ladies will inspire lots of dancing and cheering too which makes the night all the more fun! Bring a white handkerchief as a symbolic flag of surrender because as the promoters explain, “these ladies will be taking NO PRISONERS and that experience will transform you!”.   While the list is open you’ll receive $5 discount admission until 11 PM so e-mail Reggaeholics@gmail.com ASAP!  Regular admission is an easy $10 until midnight and $15 after but be sure to arrive early because space is limited and the Female Selectors “UNCONDITIONAL” NYC Takeova is usually a SOLD OUT event!

Grace Vanriel is the Founder and CEO for Live Reggae NYC; a Senior Correspondent for ReggaeReflection.com and ReggaeVibe.com; Caribbean Editor for CitiLyfe Magazine; Contributing Editor for Where Itz At Magazine. Find LiveReggaeNYC on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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