Photos & Review:  Iba MaHr Diamond Sox Tour P60 Amstelveen Netherlands 3/26/2016

Photos and Report by Natty D Photography for Reggae Reflection

Iba Mahr Diamond Sox Tour Amsterdam

Iba MaHr and his Harar Band shared their positive vibes at P60, an intimate concert venue in Amstelveen, Netherlands on Saturday, March 26, 2016.  The small venue gives you the opportunity to really interact and get close to the artists.  
The curtain went up around 10:30 pm and the show began with the talented Harar Band playing the “Glory of the King” instrumental from the new Diamond Sox album.  Iba MaHr soon hit the stage and sang the chorus before quickly jumping into “Traveling Home” which really got the crowd “to a place where love is home.”   The venue was lit up with lighters and open phones as the crowd sang the lyrics to “Burning”.  Iba MaHr also made a small tribute to Bob Marley’s Burnin’ and Lootin’ during this performance.   Watching the crowd’s excitement as they sang along lyrics to songs like “Great is H.I.M.” and “Let Jah Lead The Way” really highlighted the meaningfulness and substance in Iba MaHr’s music.  

The sweetest part of the evening was when Iba MaHr helped create a memorable moment for a young lady he allowed to join him on stage as he serenaded her with his “Love You Girl” lyrics.  The crowd went crazy when Iba MaHr cleverly included a tribute to Bob Marley’s Waiting in Vain during the performance of his own “Will I Wait In Vain” hit. 

Iba Mahr Diamond Sox Tour Amsterdam

After about 45 minutes into the show Iba MaHr let the crowd know how special Amsterdam was to him.   The remainder of the show highlighted some of the newer songs off his album starting with “You Give Me Joy”.  Iba MaHr asked the crowd if they were ready to dance again, and soon had everyone dancing and “Having Fun” with this new hit!  Iba MaHr put his foot on a monitor and rolled up his pants to make sure the crowd could see his socks before performing “Diamond Sox”.   The energy for this song was intense.  The entire building was jumping up and down with Iba MaHr for this one.  During this song Iba MaHr did a few tributes to several artists such as Shaggy & Toots, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Dr. Evil, Barrington Levy and Shabba Ranks.  Iba MaHr went on to sing Mama Rosie and conclude with Sweet Mama Africa.  


As soon as Iba MaHr left the stage, the crowd began to chant,  “we want more!”  Iba MaHr did not disappoint, and stepped back on stage to entertain the crowd for about 15 more minutes.  
At a time where society views bad as good and good as bad it is refreshing to see an artist like Iba MaHr continue to promote good clean reggae music.  Iba MaHr has a very distinct voice, which pulls you in; and lyrics that create a spiritual connection full of pure love, positivity, peace and consciousness.  If you haven’t already checked out the Diamond Sox Tour, it is a must!  I’m hoping to see more dates added so I can attend again and take a journey back to that peaceful place!

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