Jah Mason –  A Moment of Love & Wisdom on Irie FM #WTS

Photos and Story by Empress K for Reggae Reflection

Fresh off an electrifying performance to close out opening night of Rebel Salute 2016, Jah Mason followed up with a moment of Love & Wisdom on the Irie FM What’s the Scoop (#WTS) weekly entertainment show in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016, hosted by Kshema Francis and Courtney Mac.   Fans around the world enjoyed the live stream broadcast of the show, which showcased Jah Mason’s vibrant performance of a medley of his popular conscious and uplifting classics from his extensive song catalog, including “Where There Is Faith”, “Only Love Can Set Us Free”, ​ “No Matter The Time”, “Farmer Man”, “Most High”, “Can’t Live My Life Without Jah”, “Wheat and Tears”, as well as new hits “From Wah Day” and the remix of his anthem song “Princess Gone” from his latest album, Love and Wisdom.    ​​


Jah Mason Irie FM

Jah Mason Irie FM


Kshema Francis, Courtney Mac and Jah Mason

Jah Mason Love and Wisdom

Love & Wisdom, the debut 17 track album on the New Creations record label (Atlanta, Ga) is Jah Mason’s 20th official studio album. It tells the story of everyday life with several songs speaking to the the trials and tribulations of love relationships as well as themes pertaining to the benefits of a natural way of life.  Jah Mason shared his vision of the album stating, “It’s all about Love & Wisdom and the concept is about every day living environmentally, and we just put it into words, to deliver the message through music as a transportation to send it across the world.”   Love and Wisdom is available on all digital platforms world-wide such as iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify and more.     Jah-Mason.com

Video – Jah Mason performance on Irie FM What’s The Scoop

Photos – Jah Mason on Irie FM What’s the Scoop 

Photos – Jah Mason Finale at Rebel Salute 2016 

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