Discover Floops Fotos: Adventures in the Magical Kingdom of Jamaica


Capturing the essence of Jamaica and its people in photos is the mission of Canadian Photojournalist Bill Grimshaw with his new website,  

For immediate release: Floops Fotos, brainchild of photojournalist Bill Grimshaw, was born in a vodka glow at a Negril nightclub in the spring of 2010. Initially dedicated to photographing every barmaid from Negril to Savanna-La-Mar, the project took on a life of its own as it expanded in scope and ambition.  The camera gathers glimpses of rich and colourful social fabric. A remarkable spirit, derived from a history of defiance and survival, abounds.

Floops ain’t fussy. He’d like to meet and photograph pretty well anyone. Sports organizations, church groups, schools, corporate entities, small business, people at work or play, people of all ages in either rural or urban environments, families, entertainers and, of course, barmaids and exotic dancers in are invited to contact us.

Weddings and funerals are of particular interest.

All proposals, regardless of location, receive serious consideration. This project has legs.

Contact Floops Fotos at for more info

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