Destra shows us why she is Queen of Bacchanal


DMV SummerFest 2017 Photos and article by Natty D Photography for Reggae Reflection

Destra shows us why she is Queen of Bacchanal

Destra at DMV SummerFest

 The second annual DMV Summer Fest took place at Lake Clifton Park in Baltimore Maryland on Sunday, August 20, 2017 for another year of family fun filled entertainment for the entire family.

Kicking off the day’s events were several local opening acts and dance groups  including  Karib Fit which had the crowd up and dancing as they spread awareness of their getting ‘Carnival Fit’ classes.  The Eclipse band who are popular in the DMV were another crowd favorite.


DMV SummerFest 2017

Motto the St. Lucian soca artist got the fans off of their feet during his act at DMV Summer Fest.  Motto did not stand still and even wowed the crowd when he went down into a split.  His split was even fueled with more energy as he gravitated up and back into his split repeatedly.

Wayne Wonder

Wayne Wonder DMV SummerFest 2017

Several of the DMV’s top DJ’s then hit the stage, engaging the crowd before Singer J started his set.  Wayne Wonder performed next impressing the crowd with his hits and dance moves.  Bugle awoke the crowd with his uplifting performance.  The crowd sung along to his conscious lyrics and at one point Bugle even jumped onto a side speaker to get closer to fans.

Singer J


DMV Summer Fest  Scenes

DMV SummerFest 2017

In between performances, I had the opportunity to visit the many vendors present at the festival including face painters and businesses selling all kinds of natural and Caribbean goods such as fresh Caribbean food, coconut water, Pina Coladas, natural soaps and amenities.  I purchased a cute dress from I am Naturally Beautiful.  I also purchased a natural deodorant from Kemetic Kisses, who also offered natural body scrubs, custom scent lotions, and more.​

Alison Hinds

Alison Hinds DMV SummerFest 2017

Alison Hinds had everyone whining as she performed her soca classics.  The crowd cheered as Alison invited a gentleman on stage, and DJ Bimshire accepted her offer.  One of the cutest moments of the evening was when Alison invited a young fan on stage during her performance.  This little girl had the time of her life dancing aside Alison Hinds.

Party Animal, Charly Black was up next and did not disappoint festival goers at DMV Summer Fest.

Charly Black


Spice 2017

The ladies in the crowd went mad when Spice came on stage.   When Spice invited a few ladies on stage during her segment, almost every female climbed up.  Security jumped in to send some of the ladies back, but Spice intervened and allowed every single fan to stay on stage and show their dancing skills.  One young lady even climbed up the side stage tower in true Spice fashion.  Spice took notice and invited her back on stage to dance with the young man she invited up.  Kerwin Dubois ran on stage after Spice and continued the momentum.

Kerwin Dubois



Destra returned to DMV Summer Fest for the second year and closed the show with a bang.  After hearing that Destra injured her ankle,  I was surprised to hear she would still be in attendance at DMV Summer Fest.  Destra entered the stage on crutches and I was sure she would not be able to give her usual performance.  Destra proved she has energy like no one else.  She handed off one of her crutches and gave the crowd a whine while balancing on one crutch. My jaw hit the floor when Destra began jumping up and down with one good foot during her performance.  Her performance wowed the crowd and got every patron excited.  As she performed more, the next thing I saw was the single crutch she held in the air as she jumped up and down.  I have no idea how she even kept her balance!

Destra has the warmest smile, strongest energy and brightest spirit and she shined at DMV Summer Fest.  She is committed to her craft giving her fans and I a new appreciation for her that night.  For another highlight, Destra invited her soca sister, Alison Hinds, back on stage and they closed the show performing a duo together.
After spending the entire day at the festival I was a little exhausted, but Destra’s energy was contagious;  I didn’t want the show to end, and even after getting home my excitement would not allow me to fall asleep!  The DMV Summer Fest is definitely one I will come back to visit again. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 2018. 

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