Photos by  Melvin Calender  for Reggae Reflection 
Junior Reid held his Album Launch at Milk River Cafe in Brooklyn on Thursday, 9/3 to celebrate the recent release of his latest album, "The Living Legend".  DJ Bobby Konders of Massive B provided music for the evening  and special guest Yami Bolo made a surprise appearance! 

Read the full press release for the Junior Reid's "Living Legend" Album below. 

With nearly 40 years as an artiste, producer and trendsetter to his name, Junior Reid has earned the title 'legend'. Indeed, his latest album is titled 'Junior Reid: The Living Legend'.

Containing 19 songs, the album will be officially released July 19 at his Crescent Court Guest House in Kingston.

Reid produced most of the songs on the set including the collaborations 'This Generation' with Sizzla, 'Wanted' (with Buju Banton), 'Better Must Come' (with his son Jawadah) and a cover of Bob Marley's 'Guiltiness'.

According to Reid, "I went back to basics for this album. We do a little roots-reggae, some lovers rock and even a country and western ('Wanted') song."

Another interesting song is 'Guns Dem Load', done with deejay Vybz Kartel and American rapper Uncle Murder.

'The Living Legend' is Junior Reid's first solo studio album since 2003's 'Rasta Government'. He has kept busy touring the United States, Europe and the Caribbean and recording hit songs with American rappers like The Game ('This is Why I'm Hot') and M.I.M.S. (It's Okay').


Photos from Junior Reid's Album Release Party  

View the Full Slide show below 

Story  & Photography  by Anil Batra (BobbyShakesNY) for Reggae Reflection 
Luciano BB Kings
8/20/15 - Luciano gave an amazing performance this past Thursday at Manhattan’s renown hot spot, BB King’s Blues Club. It was only inevitable that the Messenjah would give his all to his faithful audience. Much has changed since his debut release of “Ebony and Ivory” on the Aquarius Label.

The highly commended performance was laced with his highly acclimated catalog. The Messenjah set took us down memory lane back to the year 1994 when “One Way Ticket” rang out. Concentrating on his repertoire of conscious reggae, Luciano “Sweep Over My Soul” was performed and is always a crowd pleaser.

Luciano BB Kings NYC
The BB King Blues Club provided an intimate setting for The Messenjah and allowed for the ultimate supper club vibe. Luciano is as cool, calm, and collective off stage as well as on. His backing band provided the highly electric performance in tune and full of raw energy. Luciano was feeding off the vibe of the audience and danced frantically as his dreads twirled and twined during his near two hour performance. His brother being an elder in the Episcopal Church, his show even included a prayer and “Its Me Again Jah” was performed from bended knee. With the spirit with him his encore song was “Lord Give Me Strength”. The band struck up a cord and all endured pugnacious drumming and grounding exuberant bass.

Luciano - NYC
The set’s finale was performed and even though crowd howled and wailed for one more song due to time restraints, Luciano was unable to fulfill their requests. In the near future, The Messenjah will sing a whole heap of songs in his return.
Jah Culture NYC
Jah Culture
Much appreciation and thanks to Jah Culture.  

Luciano Fans  

Anil Batra is the founder of
The 2nd annual Roxbury Rocks Music Festival took place on Saturday, July 18th in the courtyard of the RCC campus located in Roxbury, MA.   For the 2nd year in a row, Roxbury Rocks brought attendees of all ages together for an afternoon of family fun, great food and free ice-cream. Did we mention free ice-cream?  The Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream truck was a popular attraction in addition to the face-painters and balloon artists on hand.   A main attraction at the festival was the eclectic mixture of  Jazz, Soul and Reggae sounds that filled the air of the courtyard. 

By late afternoon it was time for the Reggae set.  The  Ghetto People Band opened up the Reggae segment with an instrumental selection before  Truthful graced the stage and  performed two of his original upbeat songs.   KingiMusic (aka King-i)  was up next performing an uplifting set which included several of his popular  conscious Reggae songs.  Before ending the set,  Truthful joined him on stage; this time with his little girl in his arms,  offering up a free-style selection to King-i's song,  "I Don't Want To Leave" , a love song that King-i dedicated to his two little girls, bringing more smiles to the audience and  a great close to the afternoon musical festival. 
Truthful and his daughter with King-i
Lady Lee
Lady Lee and her daughter enjoying the festival
Truthful Roxbury Rocks Music Festival
Truthful and his daughter
Face Painting Roxbury Rocks Music Festival
young fan with face painting
Roxbury Rocks Music Festival
All ages enjoying the Roxbury Rocks Music Festival

Photo Gallery 

About King-i (#KingiMusic)

Discover a new voice in Reggae. King-i  is one of today's most promising emerging artists. His dynamic and versatile style as a updated cultural reggae artist reflects his early roots in Trinidad & Tobago as well as his influences of popular music that he listened to while growing up in an urban US neighborhood. Through his positive music he wisely and spiritually spreads his love for the people. Described as a powerful and soulful performer, King-I's "powers" are seen in his engaging and highly energetic stage performance.

For bookings and inquiries, please contact

Kabaka Pyramid, Iba MaHr & Bebble Rockers in Pursuit of Reality - Review & Photos at SOBs NYC

By Grace Vanriel  & Photography  by Anil Batra for Reggae Reflection 
Iba Mahr at SOBs NYCIba Mahr
Sunday July 12, 2015  -  Roots and Culture artists Kabaka Pyramid and Iba MaHr backed by the Bebble Rockers band headlined Sounds of Brazil (SOB's) in downtown Manhattan to a large multicultural crowd of attendees. It was the last stop on their ambitious “Young Lions” US tour that kicked off on June 11th in California making its way through twenty-four stops before ending in New York City; and by the enthusiasm of the crowd, New Yorkers were ready.

Iba MaHr kicked of the show giving us a full 50 minute set that felt to this listener like a Reggae/Soul/mini Jazz infused afrocentric consciousness that artfully turned words into elongated meaningful sounds filling the air with a warm flavorful flow.  Born Mario Greaves in Jamaica West Indies, his stage name holds significant meaning to the conscious crowd and Rastafari; ‘Iba’ means humble and calm and ‘MaHr’ is a shortened version of a territorial division in Ethiopia called “Mario of Harar.” Having never heard MaHr's music, I gave myself a few songs before settling in and before long I was glad that I had taken the time to catch his set which never once diminished in interest or vitality over the next fifty minutes. His was an intelligent presentation that filled the room with positivity and emotion and when he sang his current hit “Diamond Sox” and the audience went wild, I went wild right along with them! If you're not yet familiar with Iba MaHr's music the time has come to start listening. To get a true feel about the messages he's progressing try listening to one of his earlier songs like “Love Thy Neighbor” (which I think came out in 2012 ). From there move to “Great Is H.I.M.” on the popular Rootsman Riddim and then to one of his latest releases, a hot new song called “Travelling.” I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of his freshman album “Glory of the King” (VP Records) set for release sometime in the very near future.

Kabaka Pyramid SOBs NYCKabaka Pyramid
Described as an artist with “a unique musical style blending the lyricism of Hip hop, with the energy and melody of Reggae and Dancehall”, I admit that description seemed ambitious and had me curious to hear Kabaka Pyramid on stage.  No matter what, how an artist records with the benefit of studio technicians versus a live on stage presentation is for me the make and break for any artist because the question is, can the artist hold up without the benefit of studio technology? As I waited for Kabaka (born Keron Salmon) to take the stage I admit that I wondered if he could indeed blend three musical genres and make his set interesting enough to hold my short attention span. It didn't take long to discover that both his music and energetic performance style was a spellbinding treat to the ears that inspired you to listen to the melodies and watch his different style of relaying his musical message. During the evening Kabaka sang one of his highly rated songs called “Warrior” adding Hip-Hop verses (complete with use of a spot-on yankee [American] accent, which was the favorite song for me and my friends in attendance. Oh yeah, Kabaka can blend and he most definitely proved that he could. Loving the audience he artfully moved through his performance setting off magic energy sparks on the stage; during his generous set he also evoked music in respect to artists who inspired him like Bob Marley and Sizzla, letting loose tribute songs originally recorded by both Reggae icons. 

Kabaka Pyramid and Iba Mahr at Sobs NYC
Kabaka Pyramid and Iba Mahr share the stage
Kabaka Pyramid and Iba MaHr ended the show together on stage going tune for tune and that was fun! As I watched them enjoying the music together it dawned on me that this is what Reggae is supposed to be all and unity not badmind and competition. If this is the next generation of Reggae artists, you can bet I’m ready for the new dawning. I believe that  part of the reason the tour and both artists did such excellent jobs is because they believe their messages and the power that has been given to them is great and endless. They did not just come to entertain, they came to enlighten and that's just what they accomplished. And, although I don't yet know their individual names it would be horrible if I didn't mention the excellent backing band called “Bebble Rockers” because they were so on point you couldn't separate them from the notes they played or the singers...they were an instrumental part of the magic, and they were tight.  The New York leg of the tour was presented before one of the toughest audiences found anywhere in the world and those young lions came and conquered and it’s my prediction that the next place they are headed is to super-stardom!

Photo Gallery - Kabaka Pyramid and Iba Mahr

Grace Vanriel is the founder and CEO of the Live Reggae NYC network and co-founder of The Reggaeholics Movement to preserve and promote Reggae music as a traditional Jamaican art form; she is a freelance writer for Where Itz At Magazine, Senior Correspondent for,, and the Assistant Caribbean Editor for (online and print).

Anil Batra is the owner of 

 The Fans Go Wild with Non-Stop Music at
Groovin' in the Park  2015

Story by Grace Vanriel  Photography by Empress K (Reggae Reflection)
Barry G Co-host of Groovin in the Park Barry G co-host of Groovin in the Park
QUEENS, N.Y.- - For the fifth consecutive year an endless flow of fans into the thousands streamed uneventfully into Roy Wilkins Park in Queens New York for the day long Groovin' In The Park Festival 2015.  Although the early part of the day was marked by cloudy skies threatening summer rain, the lineup was so tight that even the threat of rain did not deter fans from coming out in full force. So obvious in the chatter among attendees who filled the park with beaming faces was the feeling of 'positive vibes' that possibly prevented the rain from ever materializing as if to say the festival warranted a special blessing. And guess what? Groovin' in the Park  kicked off precisely as advertised giving ticket holders excellent programming that included epic performances by everyone from currently emerging artists to some of the biggest most established and exciting names in Reggae, Rhythm & Blues and Pop.

Non-stop entertainment started with musical presentations by up and coming artists in a festival segment they are now calling “Groovin' Idol.” As a long-time advocate for  professional platforms for qualified emerging artists to be seen and heard, along with the commitment of NY area producers to help build the visibility of emerging Reggae artists, I really enjoyed this segment and the incredible talent who merited the opportunity. Most noteworthy is an artist that I've long admired, a Roots & Culture singer with strong lyrics and an exceptional presentation style professionally known as Iyata Safari; her rich melodic voice flawlessly belted out three original songs: “Safari” (sung acapella), “Mama Afrika” and “I'm a Black Woman” that were all met by appreciative applause.  Noteworthy praise for stellar performances are also awarded to  Vision, Pres Fyah,  and Taj Manchan who audiences should most-definitely look forward to hearing more from in the future.

Luciano Groovin in the ParkLuciano "Jah Messenjah"
Once the festival’s headliner artists took the stage it was a landslide of hit after hit setting off  an unstoppable momentum right from the start that only grew in excitement with each performance. Clearly returning to his Dancehall roots nary missing a beat, Lieutenant Stichie gave a brilliant uplifting performance that included a sprinkle of  Gospel music and classic energetic Dancehall. Over the years he has proven that whatever type of music he performs it will be a show stopping experience for audiences.  Praiseworthy songs included “Wear You Size” and “Natty Dread” right up to his recent recording “Letter To Dad” backed by the charismatic bassist Derrick Barnett and his  Statement Band.  

As a last minute addition to the lineup, Reggae legend Judy Mowatt returned again this year to grace the stage and perform many of the songs she is loved for such as “I Shall Sing.” Needless to say her confident and commanding stage presence is a powerful draw. Her songs are truly heartfelt and a sheer pleasure to listen and sing along to lyrics that are indelible in my mind and those of countless fans. If she appeared every year that would be just fine with me because Ms Mowatt is an artist who you can never tire of hearing. Next up was Luciano nicknamed “Jah Messenjah” who was up to his usual high-energy antics and even managed to outdo himself at Groovin' In the Park 2015. At one point he left the stage heading out into the dense crowd all the while singing his heart out. Luciano's segment went over exceedingly well with fans although appearing to be a nightmare for security forces who he brushed off as he literally jumped off stage to meet the people and ran through the audience. Now imagine Luciano in the midst of a packed field completely swarmed by countless fans giving him hugs and kisses but never missing a beat. Singing many of his hit songs my personal favorites were “Sweep Over My Soul”, “It's Me Again Jah” and “Give Praise” all of which were tremendous successes with the audience who sang along. Since its inception Reggae has been music for the people and Luciano drove home that reminder with beautiful inspirational lyrics and fearless actions.

Cocoa Tea Groovin in the ParkCocoa Tea
Cocoa Tea who is known for an ability to completely steal a show was brilliant. His performance was so musically pleasing and his act so very engaging that he easily won agreement from the audience that the twenty-five minute allotted performance time slot he received was not nearly enough for an artist with his terrific catalog. As much as the world of Reggae frowns on the hint of self-aggrandizement from Roots & Culture artists, truth be told it's impossible to quarrel with the truth!  Cocoa Tea left us with a satisfying feeling from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes!  

Known to fans by many names such as The Fireman, King David, The Prophet and King Shango (thought to be his personal favorite), Capleton performed next.  Just as the audience began delving into his presentation the already vocal audience was caught off guard and turned up notches in excitement with the unexpected entrance of multiple Grammy Award winning artist, Stephen Marley.  Together they sang the incredible 2014 release “Rockstone” from Stephen’s upcoming LP “Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life” (Stephen  Marley featuring Capleton and Sizzla) as well as  “It Was Written,” a song released in 2001 by Damian “Junior Gong” Marley (featuring Capleton, Stephen and Rapper Drag-On) heating up the stage 350 degrees!  
Capleton jumping at Groovin in the Park
The energy of the Fireman!
Stephen Marley and Capleton
Surprise guest Stephen Marley joins Capleton
Capleton Stephen Marley, Cocoa Tea at Groovin in the ParkCapleton, Stephen Marley and Cocoa Tea
Within moments both Luciano and Cocoa Tea returned to the stage and the four sang the Bob Marley song “Three Little Birds” with each artist adding their own personally styled variation. The next act that took the stage was Morgan Heritage who are currently on tour promoting their latest album, "Strictly Roots." Their set was characterized as explosions of music and a wonderful treat to their excellent repertoire including a tribute to Buju Banton and Toots Hibbert -- they created the perfect ending to the second segment of Groovin' In The Park!

Gramps Morgan Groovin in the Park
Gramps Morgan
Gramps Morgan and Peetah Morgan Groovin in teh Park
Gramps and Peetah Morgan
Peetah Morgan Groovin in the Park
Peetah Morgan
Mojo Morgan
Mojo Morgan
Una Morgan and Peetah Morgan
Una and Peetah Morgan
Una Morgan Groovin in the Park
Una Morgan
Billy Ocean Groovin in the ParkBilly Ocean
The star that he is, the sleek looking well dressed charismatic Grammy Award winning international star born in Trinidad, Billy Ocean (who I've never seen perform in NY) stepped up to  the stage and delivered a rousing performance! It felt like Ocean sang all of his hits including songs I grew up loving like “Suddenly,” “Get Out Of My Dreams,” and “When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going;” by the time he let loose his 1985 Grammy Award winning song for Best Male R& B Vocal Performance called “Caribbean Queen” the audience exploded in song, dance, screams and nonstop applause! I wondered how celebrity Pop/Rock balladeer Michael Bolton, a two-time Grammy Award Winning artist was going to follow Ocean but, my concerns were baseless. 

Michael Bolton Groovin in the Park
Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton Amanda Brown
All eyes on stage
Bolton performed a smart set reminding us why his name is as relative today as it was at the beginning of his career. His set included the type of music he excels in performing such as “Sitting On The Top Of The Bay,” and the song that won him his first Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in 1989, the tearjerker “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You.” From there Bolton pleasingly and effortlessly slid into two great makeovers that simply capped off the perfect day,  “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”  and “When A Man Loves A Woman.”
Barry G host of Groovin in the ParkGroovin in the Park Mascot
Groovin' In The Park organizers, sponsors and event partners should be recognized because they did a great job and without them the festival would not be possible.  Since year one the  “Presenting Sponsor” has been The Door Restaurant owned by the festival's founder and driving force behind its growing success, CEO of Groovin' Inc., Christopher Roberts who has obviously invested heavily to bring a high-quality mixed music genre event to NY by putting his money where his mouth is.  A list of “Major Sponsors” includes TC Tropical Products, TD Bank, and the Nestlé drink brand Nutrament so very popular in the Caribbean community. “Event Partners” includes Tower Isle's, Caribbean Airlines, Jamaica Tourist Board, MetroPCS, LAPARKAN Shipping, Royal Caribbean, Bakery, Groovin Radio, Kingston Korner Shop, Fly Jamaica Airlines, Bullzii Marketing, The Smoke House, Jamaica National Money Transfer, Western Union, Money Graham, SQPA (South Queens Park Association) and CEEN TV.  Several proclamations where awarded throughout the event making it a day not only of music but recognition. And, as far as recognition goes hats off to MC Ras Clem and Barry G, to DJ’s Bobby Konders, Jabba and DJ Inferno for a job well done!

Barry G and Billy Ocean receive Congressional Proclamations

Groovin' In The Park is staged with family attendance in mind as evidenced by the fact that children under the age of twelve entered free and not one featured act was prohibitive to the ears of children or young adults. The evening faces of exiting attendees reflected happiness and excitement signaling repeat patronage for the 2016 production. 
Young fans enjoying Groovin in the Park
Groovin' In The Park is a pretty incredible testament to producers finding an unexploited niche for audiences salivating for more star studded festival-type Caribbean mixed genre music event choices in the NYC area, and meeting that need to perfection.

Enjoy the Slide Show of all photos below

After covering Groovin’ In The Park for five consecutive years, the day’s only drawback for our team of media professionals (as well as other teams) were the restrictive media allowances and the difficulties we experienced in working side by side  as a team (as is our custom) while trying to obtain such things as photographs, artist soundbites or interviews needed to complete our coverage.  Although we appreciated receiving media credentialing,  the pass restricted us to areas that were not optimal for producing full-coverage. For example, we had no access to the photo pit and had to shoot from within a crowd of enthusiastic fans; we were disappointed at not being able to obtain even one shot of our signature off stage images to share with our readers. Also hampered by the assigned location, our correspondent had great difficulty viewing the stage  “at all times.” Even with the provision of an official media tent, not all artists stopped by and in any case, if we left to catch up to an artist we were unable to return to the area carved out to get a good photo or view of the concert.  Frankly we do not see the logic of restricting legitimate media coverage so severely, especially when you have such a great event.  However it’s worth pointing out in the hope that their policies will be revised in time for next years staging.

Grace Vanriel is the founder and CEO of the Live Reggae NYC network and co-founder of The Reggaeholics Movement to preserve and promote Reggae music as a traditional Jamaican art form; she is a freelance writer for Where Itz At Magazine, Senior Correspondent for,, and the Assistant Caribbean Editor for (online and print).

Empress K is the Founder, Editor, and Primary Photo-Journalist of  Reggae Reflection has gained international recognition providing quality coverage of premier reggae events in Jamaica, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Barbados, Guyana, and Nigeria as well as numerous completed photography assignments  for notable  Reggae Events in the New England area, NY, Alabama, and Florida region.   Festival coverage has included Groovin In the Park, Six Flags NJ Caribbean Concert Series, IRAWMA, HangOut Festival Alabama, 9Mile Festival Miami, Rebel Salute,  Montreal Reggae Festival, Sunfest FLReggae in the Hills and more. 

Story and photos by Xavier LeBlancReggae Reflection Correspondent.

Hip Hop Star Lupe Fiasco Rocks #SummerFest - Review and Photos

Lupe Fiasco SummerfestLupe Fiasco
"The World's Largest Music Festival" and "The Big Gig" are just a few of the names associated with Summerfest which is one of the most recognized music festivals in the country. For several decades the eleven day festival has brought together hundreds upon hundreds of bands and musicians each summer of the year. Music enthusiasts of all genres from all parts attend the festival which is held within the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in Henry Maier Festival Park near the downtown lakefront area. On July 3rd, perhaps the busiest day of the festival and day of the traditional fireworks show aptly known as the "Big Bang", concert-goers were treated to an electrifying evening.  Thanks in no small part to a crowd rousing performance by Lupe Fiasco, a hit recording influential hip-hop artist from the neighboring area of Chicago, Illinois whom has earned critical acclaim and is known as a master lyricist. Lupe Fiasco has been a featured headliner at Summerfest for several years now, with this being one of his most celebrated appearances. 

Lupe Fiasco Summerfest
The immense crowd at the Miller Lite Oasis stage filled the outdoor area to capacity shoulder to shoulder as the ecstatic eager bodies grew in quantity during the headliner's performance. The charismatic artist buoyantly walked across the stage wearing a vibrant gold colored shirt and sporting dreadlocks which he would later whip wildly in the air while dancing in the midst of singing classic fan favorites and his band's guitar solos. He also provided new exciting sounds from his latest album Tetsuo & Youth

Lupe Fiasco Summerfest
Lupe Fiasco connects with fans at Summerfest
Sending the crowd into deep fervor were instances of the artist launching water from water bottles into the enthusiastic energetic crowd and a fan throwing him a shirt which Lupe waved around as he performed. The talented hip hop artist effortlessly had total control and attention from the crowd as he guided them through chants like "Milwaukee ain't ready!" as they responded "Lupe ain't ready!". Countless fans waved their arms  and sang along to hit records like Out of My HeadThe Show Goes OnBattle Scars and more. 
Lupe Fiasco Summerfest
Lupe Fiasco performs at Summerfest
Lupe ended the night with one of his biggest hits to date, the platinum selling single Superstar and nearly everyone in the expansive audience used their cell phones as lights waving them along as they joined the song's chorus.  It was a powerful memorizing sight and a fitting finish to an unforgettable performance at Summerfest 2015. 
Lupe Fiasco Summerfest
Lupe Fiasco - Lighters in the air for "Superstar"

Watch Lupe Fiasco Live in Concert - Summerfest  

Xavier LeBlanc is an experienced media professional currently producing national entertainment material. With a deeply rooted admiration for reggae music and the talented artists within, he prides himself in providing diverse coverage for fellow music fans and enthusiasts. For more information or media inquiries please contact at

Chronixx & The Zinc Fence Redemption 
Capture Land Tour and The Power of Reggae 

Story by Grace Vanriel, Photos by MyFlash Photography for Reggae Reflection 
6/6/2015 -  Lining every available nook and cranny of the spacious multilevel Irving Plaza concert hall located in downtown Manhattan, it was elbow room only for fans out to see Chronixx and his band ZincFence Redemption on their 2015 “Capture Land Tour.” The concert was jam-packed and only the VIP areas offered slightly more breathing room and seating options and even there, it was an unprecedented crush. It's hard to imagine that as a Reggae act, Chronixx only started touring outside of  Jamaica W.I. in 2013, and that by the following year he was already seeing exponential growth of his fan base and receiving a flurry of bookings as he grew in international acclaim but, it's true. With record sales also steadily growing, everything required for a successful music career is in place and pointing towards a prosperous professional future.  It's also now impossible to deny that this young, high pitched, lyrically motivated  Rastafarian sing-jay calling himself Chronixx and his extraordinarily talented band mates with an unmistakable sound are much more than just fly-by-night one (or two)  hit wonders.

Creating and singing great Reggae music is one thing. But actually winning the unwavering loyalty of fans is another. Chronixx (born Jamar McNaughton) has been very successful at doing both. While the first-ever  EP released by Chronixx in 2010 consisting of seven tracks called Hooked on Chronixx earned him industry respect, the EP did not make him an overnight celebrity.  His rise to fame was short but incremental receiving its first incredible boost when he performed on NBC's ‘Tonight Show’ as a special invited guest of show host Jimmy Fallon. The song he chose was already a popular hit single from his second EP Dread and Terrible (2014) called Here Comes Trouble  (Rootsman Rhythm). The performance broadcast live on US national television certainly helped catapult Chronixx into a number two spot on  the Billboard Digital Reggae Singles chart, and brought him to the attention of American audiences. However, that performance alone does not explain the sheer speed in which he has continued to rise in popularity since that time which is a dream come true for the artist, and Reggae history in the making.

Following the Dread and Terrible Tour, the Capture Land Tour is the second major tour undertaken by Chronixx and is so-named after another song on his Dread and Terrible EP. Capture Land continues to build around a  theme of unification through increased social consciousness and takes this interesting new celebrity to twenty-one shows across the United States that kicked off on May 23rd at the California Roots Festival and ends on June 20th  at the Fillmore in Miami.  Enthusiastic New York fans attending the Irving Plaza show, as part of the 2015 Governors Ball After  Dark  series, arrived early and in full force, waved Ethiopian flags signifying their understanding and unity with the lyrical messages by holding up lighters and singing along with Chronixx as he performed Rastafari inspired Reggae.  Chronixx kicked off his generous two hour concert with the song Alpha & Omega and included a number of other outstanding well performed selections namely:  Start a Fire, Eternal Fire, Never Give Up, They Don't Know, Most I, Thanks and Praise, Access Granted, Somewhere, Smile Jamaica, and a popular remake of the Inner Circle song featuring Jacob Miller called Tenement Yard (News Carrying Dread). Tastefully sprinkled throughout the set were short thanks and praises to Jah and brief social commentary on subjects that impact our daily lives, making the entire evening a true Roots & Culture Reggae styled presentation.

Chronixx Capture Land Tour
Fans at Irving Plaza
Chronixx Capture Land Tour Iriving Plaza NYCChronixx and the Zinc Fence Redemption
Chronixx and the ZincFence Redemption's obvious love of Reggae music was apparent in their overall presentation at Irving Plaza. Their generous set never faltered in energy characterized by lyrics that created a storyline and most importantly, a seamless ability to move artfully between the traditional Reggae beat to the modernization of the sound that successfully blended older styled presentations with a newer one.  Without going into a lengthy debate on the existence of a “Reggae Revival,” at this point I would interject that if by definition the term is narrowed to mean the   “popularization of traditional Reggae music” then I would have to agree, a change has come.  It was a sight to behold - Reggae lovers attentively watching Chronixx's every movement on stage, absorbing his message, and  swaying where they stood clearly transformed by what they saw and heard. The evening was a totally uplifting experience that fed the mind and moved the body.

Band Members

Jamar "Chronixx" McNaughton, Joshua "Flubz" Jones, Nnamdi Robinson, Elisha Ellis, Hector Lewis, Evan "Yello" Mason, Stephen Coore 

Grace Vanriel is the founder and CEO of the Live Reggae NYC network and co-founder of The Reggaeholics Movement; she is a freelance writer for Where Itz At Magazine, Senior Correspondent for,, and the Assistant Caribbean Editor for (online and print).

Marjorie Flash is the CEO of MyFlash Photography; she is a freelance photojournalist for Where Itz At Magazine, and contributing photographer for 
Story and photos by Xavier LeBlanc, Reggae Reflection Correspondent.  
Cham Setup Shop Vol 2 TourCham
Elements of pioneering musical generations and modern burgeoning artists have recently combined to produce a new wave of music on the popular album release Set Up Shop Vol 2. The album is a new compilation presented by Damian, Julian, and Stephen Marley through their label  Ghetto Youths International. The compilation also features a variety of talented collaborators including Wayne Marshall, Jo Mersa Marley, Christopher Ellis, Cham and Black Am I. The release claimed the No.1 position on the US Billboard Reggae Album chart in its debut week, following the great success of the 2013 initial album Set Up Shop Vol 1. Now to celebrate the album a nationwide tour was launched featuring several of its skilled artists. 

One of the stops on this exciting new tour included the city of Madison, Wisconsin where we had the privilege of capturing much of the magic that ignited the stage that night. 

The first artist to blaze the stage was the soulfully melodic Black Am I, who gifted the audience with a selection of conscious reggae vibrations for the intimate crowd at the city's charming venue. Black Am I began the set with his self titled track using smooth vocals revering roots and culture with lyrical references to Martin Luther King and Marcus Garvey. Further tracks included the faster paced, bolder and refreshingly empowering titled Samson Strength, featured on Set Up Shop Vol 1. Ending the set was Black Am I's new single from Vol 2 In The Ghetto featuring a sweet upbeat feel as the crowd danced along joyously while Black Am I delivered the song's meaningful chorus. 

Gracing the stage next was the extremely talented Christopher Ellis, who many may recognize as son of the Godfather of Rocksteady Alton Ellis. Christopher quickly kicked off his performance with Willow Tree, a sentimental heartfelt rendition fueled with lyrical passion. Many of Christopher's songs were backed with a mood of joyful romantic thought or R&B style heartbreak. He stated to the audience briefly between songs that his melodies were directed toward his female fans with a little something for everyone else as well. This was followed by thoroughly enjoyable catchy songs such as You Babe and Roller Coaster, originally from his EP release Better Than Love produced by Damian Marley.

A big treat for those in attendance was the presence of dancehall veteran Wayne Marshall who has been recording music for over 12 years. His trademark energy and enthusiasm was immediately apparent as he literally jumped onto to the stage and began performing the high octane track OK with Marshall encouraging the audience to excitedly shout part of the chorus. He charmingly smiled for the audience and infused an elevated mood while performing songs from Set Up Shop Vol 2 like On The Corner and Nah Give Up. An unexpected bonus came with a special tribute between songs to reggae legend John Holt who recently passed away. Marshall succeeded in honoring his music for a new generation while also displaying the joyful sounds of his own new music from his 2014 album Tru Colors.

A young new promising artist in the Marley family also blessed the audience with his own unique sounds, as Jo Mersa Marley, son of Stephen Marley was welcomed with a very eager delighted reception. Mersa shared with fans his latest and popular song Rock and Swing which was accompanied by a musically addictive beat and strong sounds. This was followed by Sunshine as many in the audience happily sang along during the upbeat performance from his 2014 Comfortable EP. Returning to the stage to join Mersa later was Black Am I as they traded verses and entertained with their smooth collaborative performance. A classic to any almost reggae fan in the world was One Love, a song originally performed by Mersa's iconic grandfather Bob Marley. It exemplified the blending of old and new, past trailblazers and future reggae stars all combining their sounds for the crowd's pleasure. 

Ghetto Youth International Artists:  Jo Mersa, Black Am I, Wayne Marshall and Christopher Ellis


Cham Set up Shop Vol2 Tour
Last and certainly not least was an intensely electrifying set by Cham, a charismatic popular artist who has been entertaining fans around the world for many years. There was no doubt as Cham entered the space that the crowd was about to encounter an impeccable energetic performance. He made his entrance with the hit reggae version of This Is Why I'm Hot to begin building the foundation of his vibrant show. Sharing a bit of humor between tracks he also described the meaning of "bumbaclot" to everyone and it's opportune use as the audience laughed and played along. Cham's uncanny ability to dance with optimum levels of energy while singing was on full display as he provided exuberant spectacle with songs like Wine as the venue lit up with people moving right along the dance floor. Cham's performance alone would have proven worthwhile for ticket holders as he delivered what seemed to be a near hour long supply of excitement during the show. To finish off his set Cham shared his next likely hit single I'm Too Hot from his upcoming album Lawless and fans embraced the song with a high joyous reception.

Before ending the night Cham introduced each member of the Mad People Gang band individually with great praise as each member (Kevon Clarke, Drew Keys, Javaughn Bond, Jason Farmer) showcased their selective skills for the supportive audience. Bass player Javaughn Bond (who also provided background vocals throughout) performed a solo alongside Cham as the two used Eminem's Lose Yourself as inspiration with Cham singing as they provided the crowd with one last burst of great energy to end the show. 

The Mad People Gang

Each performer on the Ghetto Youths International Set Up Shop Vol 2 concert unequivocally demonstrated the power and talent of the latest generation of reggae stars who will surely be heard for countless years to come. Fans are encouraged to check out the remaining shows on the tour, don't miss it!

View more photos from Setup Shop Vol2 Tour in Madison, WI

Xavier LeBlanc is an experienced media professional currently producing national entertainment material. With a deeply rooted admiration for reggae music and the talented artists within, he prides himself in providing diverse coverage for fellow music fans and enthusiasts. For more information or media inquiries please contact at

An up close and personal Reggae Get Together in Miami 2/15

Photos and recap by EmpressK for
While in Miami to cover the annual 9Mile Music Festival on Valentine's Day weekend, I along with many other Reggae festival attendees had one more chance to celebrate another great evening of live Reggae music at the gathering known at The Get Together.  On Sunday evening, House of Marley and Ghetto Youths International jointly presented a showcase of emerging talent all backed by live bands at the small and intimate venue, The Stage, located in downtown Miami.  Advertised artists No-maddz, Kabaka Pyramid, Jo Mersa and Stephen Marley all backed by their own bands gave wonderful performances.  Quite a few unannounced artists took the stage as well to make this a most memorable evening including Jesse Royal who performed Modern Day Judas with Jo Mersa.   

No-Maddz kicks off The Get Together 

Kabaka Pyramid

Jesse Royal

Jo Mersa

Skip Marley debut performance MiamiIntroducing Skip Marley
Stephen Marley performed an opening song and then had the pleasure of introducing the debut performance of his nephew Skip Marley (son of Cedella). Spragga BenzDetermineJulian Marley, and Damian Marley made guest appearances as well.  A surprise introduction of Cedella Marley during the final group finale of Could you be Loved capped off a spectacular weekend of uplifting Reggae Music in Miami. 

We would like to give a special shout out to Lance O of Kulcha Shok Music for accommodating all of the media who covered the event at The Get Together. 

Check out more of our photos in the Issue 8 of Island Stage Magazine.    Click here

The Marley Finale 

stephen marley
Stephen Marley
julian marley, damian marley, stephen marley
Julian, Damian, Stephen
Cedella Marley miami
Cedella Marley
julian marley
Julian Marley

Spragga Benz


Stephen Marley performs RockStone at The Get Together

Press Play to view all photos from the Get Together 

Empress K is the Founder, Editor, and Primary Photo-Journalist of  Reggae Reflection has gained international recognition providing quality coverage of premier reggae events in Jamaica, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Barbados, Guyana, and Nigeria as well as numerous completed photography assignments  for notable  Reggae Events in the New England area, NY, Alabama, and Florida region.   Festival coverage has included Groovin In the Park, Six Flags NJ Caribbean Concert Series, IRAWMA, HangOut Festival Alabama, 9Mile Festival Miami, Rebel Salute, Sunfest FLReggae in the Hills and more. 

Reggae Artists Unite at 9Mile Music Festival 2015 in Miami 

Photos and Story by Empress K for
Damian Marley Stephen Marley Julian Marley MiamiJulian, Damian, and Stephen Marley
Cool yet sunny skies made for a beautiful start to the 22nd 9Mile Music Festival taking place at the Miami Dade County Fairgrounds on Saturday, February 14th. The annual festival featured a great mixture of conscious Reggae Artists all sharing the same positive message of peace, love and unity.   Tanya Stephens playing a mid afternoon set gave a powerful performance while acknowledging and encouraging the ladies in the audience.  Additional strong performances followed  with sets by Hawaiian Reggae Band, The Green; Rasta Elder, Iqulah Rastafari; Jamaican DJ, Capleton;  and American Reggae / Rock band, Soja.  After a final band change,  Jo Mersa Marley opened the final set for the evening.    

Jesse Royal and Jo Mersa Jesse Royal and Jo Mersa Marley
In a brilliant move, Jo Mersa introduced Jesse Royal to the stage while Jesse’s band The King Suns seamlessly replaced Stephen Marley’s band to temporarily back the singers on Jesse’s hit song Modern Day Judas.   Next up Julian Marley, Stephen Marley, and Damian Marley performed numerous song selections and collaborations.    Stephen Marley welcomed surprise guests Spragga Benz and Determine  on stage during the set, followed by Capleton joining for a great live rendition of their Rockstone collaboration.

Artist collaborations were definitely a common theme for the day as many of earlier sets also featured superb joint efforts including Soja with Damian Marley,  Soja with J Boog,  and Soja with The Green. It was wonderful to see the mutual respect this diverse group of artists had for one another, further conveying the message of one love and unity to festival attendees. 

Enjoy our photos from the festival below.   A full slide show of all photos appears below as well.  Also, m
ake sure to check out more of our photos in Issue 8 of Island Stage Magazine.    Click here

Reggae Reflection 9Mile Music Festival Photo Gallery 
(click on each photo to enlarge)

Tanya Stephens 9 Mile Music Festival
Tanya Stephens
Capleton 9 Mile Music Festival
Iqulah Rastafari
Iqulah Rastafari

The Green

Julian Marley
Julian Marley
Stephen Marley
Stephen Marley


Damian Marley and son Elijah
Next Generation Marley taking over!
Damian Marley Miami
Damian Marley

Scenes from the 9Mile Music Festival

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Empress K is the Founder, Editor, and Primary Photo-Journalist of  Reggae Reflection has gained international recognition providing quality coverage of premier reggae events in Jamaica, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Barbados, Guyana, and Nigeria as well as numerous completed photography assignments  for notable  Reggae Events in the New England area, NY, Alabama, and Florida region.   Festival coverage has included Groovin In the Park, Six Flags NJ Caribbean Concert Series, IRAWMA, HangOut Festival Alabama, 9Mile Festival Miami, Rebel Salute, Sunfest FLReggae in the Hills and more.