Bob Marley Tribute planned for  55th Grammy Awards 2/10/13

Bob Marley Tribute planned for 55th Grammy Awards 2/10/13


Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna, Damian, Ziggy

Reggae fans will be pleased  to know that a Bob Marley Tribute will be included in the televised broadcast of the 55th Grammy Awards airing on 2/10/13.  According to numerous sources including USA today,  “the tribute will feature Rihanna, Sting and an as yet unconfirmed combination of Marley descendants that may include Ziggy, Stephen, and Damian”. 

 Photos of Ziggy and Damian at a rehearsal have been circulating on social media sites as well as a group photo of  Ziggy, Damian, Rihanna, Sting, and Bruno Mars.   This is not the first time that Damian has collaborated with Bruno Mars.  Bruno Mars features Damian Marley on the 2010 release of ‘Liquor Store Blues’ 

The Marley Family members are not strangers to the Grammy Awards. There have been many nominations over the years and Ziggy, Stephen and Damian have each won multiple Grammy Awards. Damian is a three- time Grammy Award winner, Ziggy is a five-time Grammy Award Winner and Stephen picked up his eighth Grammy Award just last year for Best Reggae Album Revelation, Pt. 1: The Root of Life.


In other Reggae related news at the 55th Grammy Awards, The Marley soundtrack is nominated in the category of Best Compilation Soundtrack for VIsual Media.

Check out the Reggae Reflection review of the DVD release of Marley here: Review of Marley. 

Who will get the nod at the 55th Grammy Awards for Best Reggae Album?


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Grammy Nominations for Best Reggae Album

The Reggae Category is announced in a pre-Grammy show segment that is not broadcast. What will please fans even more is is to include the category in the televised segment.  Jimmy Cliff  who is nominated for Best Album shared that sentiment in an interview with CBS a few days ago   “It’s a nice thing to be nominated for a Grammy,” Cliff told “However, I do think that people ought to see me on TV, accepting the Grammy. Not the way it is being done at the moment for a Reggae Grammy where you just hear about it. It’s about time they show me on TV.”   See the full CBS interview with Jimmy Cliff here:

Jimmy Cliff previously won a Grammy Award in 1986 for his album Cliffhanger.   Jimmy Cliff has recently received positive publicity with his remake of  the Partridge Family song  Come on Get Happy for the popular VW ad campaign Get In Get Happy that aired during the Superbowl.  Watch here:

See who won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album in past years –

The 55th Grammy Awards will air on CBS at 8:00PMET on Sunday, February 10, 2013.
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