A Fabolous weekend in Negril, Jamaica for ATI 2012

Photos and feature by Empress K for Reggae Reflection. 

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Jamaica celebrated 50 years of Independence from Britian on August 6, 2012.  Celebrations throughout the island of Jamaica are held each year to commemorate the occasion which is typically a time for Jamaicans living abroad to visit Jamaica and an occasion for local Jamaicans to enjoy the holiday weekend. 

Appleton Temptation Island (ATI)  is nearly a week long celebration taking place every year in Negril and is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.  Speciality themed parties are the mainstay of the celebrations.   The international headliners for this years events were DJ Envy from Hot 105 NY and MTV Sucker Free at Colours on Saturday August 4th and  Multi-Grammy Award Nominee Fabolous at Stages on Sunday August 5th.  

DJ Envy and more at Colours Negril 8/4


During the day on Sunday August 5th, a large crowd of hotel patrons gathered in the bar around the large TV screen to watch Usain Bolt make history as he competed in the 100 meter contest. Loud cheers soon erupted into mass celebration as Usain Bolt won the gold medal.   A  perfect way to celebrate Indepence day in Jamaica! 

ATI Scenes at the RIU Palace

Fabolous at Stages Negril 8/5


Tropical Storm Ernesto made a visit and attempted to dampen spirtis, however despite the torrential downpour in the afternoon and again in the evening,  all Ernesto managed to do was briefly delay some of the of the outdoor ATI events.   By the time Fabolous  performed at Stages, the rain  had stopped and fans had put away their umbrellas and replaced them with cell phones in the air snapping pics and videos of  their favorite international rapper Fabolous along with rapper Paul Cain and accompanied by DJ 4our5ive.  A special Fireworks display provided a extra touch to the evening’s celebration. 

Fabolous takes the International stage at ATI Negril

View the Slideshow for more photos at ATI Stages 

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