Support Male Awareness Against Domestic Violence at White Ribbon Gala in Boston on Friday,  2/24/12
Contact Person: Lovern Augustine, President Company Name: Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. 
Telephone: (617) 803 - 8357 

NBC & Fox News Male Television Personalities Take Stand Against Domestic Violence

Boston, MA February 8th, 2012 — Local NBC Sports Anchor Larry Ridley and Fox News’ Bob Ward will lend their voice in support of ‘Male Awareness Against Domestic Violence’ at the White Ribbon Night Gala being held on Friday, February 24th, 2012 at 7p.m. Phillips Old Colony House, Boston.

The White Ribbon Campaign was created by a handful of Canadian men in 1991 on the second anniversary of one man's massacre of 14 women in Montreal. The Campaign began as a way to urge men to speak out against violence against women. This Gala will be an avenue to educate men about the ways they can be part of the solution in ending the violence against women, spread awareness against Domestic Violence as well as raise funds to support Penelope's Place Domestic Violence Shelter in Brockton, MA (Plymouth County’s only shelter). Women are welcomed to the event as well. All will be enlightened. Other presenters that night include:

- Jamarhl Crawford, Publisher and Editor of The Blackstonian - Craig Norberg-Bohm, Men's Initiative for Jane Doe Inc. and White Ribbon Day Campaign - Unisons Male Acapella Group, Northeastern University - Antonio Arrendel, Executive Director of Metanoia - Acting Out, Northeastern University

Ticket proceeds benefit the Shelter and are $40 per person. For additional information or a sample copy, please contact:

Lovern Augustine – 617-803-8357 | and visit: to learn more about the White Ribbon Campaign.


National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.800.799.SAFE

Lovern Augustine, President Love Life Now Foundation, Inc. along with males from all different walks of life standing tall in the fight against Domestic Violence...stand tall with Love Life Now Foundation by spreading awareness.


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